Top 15 point-of-sale and scheduling software for small businesses

If you’ve been using clunky software for a POS system, or to make appointments with customers and to handle your team’s schedules, check out these platforms and apps that integrate with your website to let customers manage their own appointments, while also giving you more features to manage your business.

Square Appointments

Square is a popular payment system that has many features integrated into its platform – if you’re already using Square you already have a scheduling tool on hand.

With Square Appointments, customers can book appointments, even across multiple locations or with different providers, get appointment reminders, and pay no-show or cancellation fees through the app. It integrates with iOS and Android to manage appointments on your phone.

Restaurant & Bar Software

Women eating at restaurant that uses POS software.
1. Restaurant365  

Restaurant365 is a cloud-based software that combines operations, inventory, and accounting into one powerful tool to drive profits and growth. By centralizing your data into one software, you can use the information to be more efficient and forecast your needs. With it being designed specifically for restaurants and bars, it’s not inexpensive, but there are multiple tiers available.

2. Backbar

Backbar is an inventory system for bars. The basic package is free, but it does have premium options that offer more features. The free version manages one location with basic inventory needs. You can also get drink costing and vendor purchasing information within the software.

3. MarginEdge

MarginEdge connects to your POS and accounting programs to simplify your business. It has a monthly fee, but there are no additional costs. It has additional features specific to restaurants, including recipe and menu analysis, cost management, and back office efficiencies to make your life easier.

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4. Toast

According to its website, you can “run your entire restaurant on Toast.” The app includes marketing, POS, ordering, payroll, and team management options. With a tiered pricing system, it seems to be a little more affordable for smaller restaurants, bakeries, and bars.

5. TouchBistro

TouchBistro offers many different features for a wide variety of restaurant types, from wineries and food trucks to bakeries to fine dining. It has marketing, POS, gift cards, reservations, and inventory management all within the same platform. The system is also customizable, so you can include the features that fit your needs.

Healthcare Software

Doctor putting bandaid on patient using scheduling software for healthcare.
1. BuddyPunch

BuddyPunch is a staff scheduling software that allows you to make schedules, track employee time, and monitor time-off requests on the same platform. It integrates with your payroll system and gives everyone the opportunity to have their schedule on their smart device. Employees can even manage their own shift trades in the app. There’s a base fee per month, plus a user fee.

2. When I Work

When I Work is an employee scheduling and time tracking software available online and on a mobile app. Everyone has access to their own schedule. Managers can quickly set up a schedule and distribute it, so it saves money and time. The platform integrates with your payroll system, making it easier to process payroll. Pricing is based on the number of users.

3. ConnectTeam

The ConnectTeam app goes beyond scheduling and includes features that help your team communicate with each other, as well as HR tools to help manage onboarding, documentation, and training. There is a free plan for small businesses with up to 10 users, but there are various tiers for larger businesses.

4. Sling

Sling is great for many different industries, not just healthcare. It’s an entire scheduling, communication, and management platform that can help you engage with your team while lowering labor costs. It has tiered pricing, with a free level that offers basic services for unlimited managers and employees.

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5. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is another platform with time tracking, communications, project management, and workforce management features. It can be used with Mac, Windows, and Linux systems, and it has apps on both iOS and Android. Pricing is tiered, based on the number of users. There is a free level for one user and a 14-day free trial.

Appointment-Based Software

Woman using software scheduling on iPad at salon.
1. Fresha

Fresha used to be known as Schedul. It’s a free platform, with optional paid features. The free version includes unlimited appointment bookings across unlimited locations and unlimited team members, as well as unlimited clients and product inventory. Use it online or download the app on iOS or Android.

2. Vagaro

This powerful software has levels for all businesses in the beauty and fitness industry. It integrates with social media apps, Apple Maps, payroll services, and Quickbooks for scheduling, inventory, POS, and credit card processing. Customers can make appointments and you can run your business off your mobile app.

3. Appointy

Appointy is another free platform for beauty and fitness businesses, but its free level is only for 1 staff with 5 services. Once you outgrow the free level, it does cost more. The app integrates with Square and serves as a POS. It sends auto-reminders to customers and offers marketing options.

4. Mangomint

Mangomint bills itself as “next-generation salon & spa software.” It has a wealth of features that can be accessed on smart devices or through a computer to manage your business from anywhere. It automates many tasks to reduce labor costs and increase your bottom line. Its membership feature lets you create predictable monthly income by offering subscriptions. Try it for free, then you’ll pay a monthly fee with tiers for different-sized businesses.

Didn’t see one you quite fits? Here is another list of scheduling apps.

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If your POS or scheduling software needs an upgrade, take some time to check these platforms out and find one that suits your needs.

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