This free Calendly competitor is winning over freelancers

Neil Patrick Harris once compared scheduling his appointments to a Tetris game. In today’s workplace, meeting scheduling software is almost a must-have. We’ve covered Calendly and other scheduling software in the past, but if you haven’t found one that fits your needs, maybe you should check out Zencal.

What is Zencal?

Zencal is a startup founded by Wojciech Dasiukiewicz, a software engineer based in Cracow, Poland. One of Zencal’s selling points is “less scheduling, more meetings.” Zencal can connect both Google and Outlook calendars. Using 2-way sync, you can avoid overlapping appointments and meetings.

Great for freelancers, consultants, coaches, and more. It’s in beta, here’s their pitch:

“Zencal is like Calendly, but free and with better teamwork. It allows you to add multiple teams and sync everyone’s calendars. It’s easy to sell meetings as a subscription and multiple meetings in a batch. You can also set up multiple availability schedules and apply to different meeting types and attendees can quickly overlay Google Calendar. Did we mention it’s free?”

If you’re a consultant, you can connect your calendar with Stripe or PayPal to give clients a way to pay for meetings easily, but you can also schedule free meetings. Zencal also has a way to create multiple teams to have everyone’s schedule link up.

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Zencal Beta is free

According to the website, Zencal beta is free to users for another 127 days. Zencal can help you migrate from one of your other scheduling tools, so you can check it out and see how it works in your business. Zencal has many features of the bigger tools, but it is free for small businesses and freelancers.

Zencal says, “We feel that individuals and small teams should benefit from free scheduling software,” which suggests that there will continue to be a free version with some of the same features you may pay for with other software.

This program is one to watch. Check it out while it’s in beta.

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