9 High-Converting ChatGPT Prompts For Entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs are not marketers. They can see a vision and put the steps in place to get there, but they pull in expertise from different places for the puzzle pieces they lack. In an ideal world, an entrepreneur has access to a Twitter specialist, a LinkedIn specialist, a Google Ads expert and a copywriter. They have one person on hand for each facet of their marketing and a strategic marketing advisor to keep the orchestra in time.

Without every role in place, however, and in absence of the funds to hire every person or the time to train them, entrepreneurs are using ChatGPT (or “Chad”) to make edits to their marketing and create new campaigns, with the goal of testing their ability to move the needle.

With the prompt secure, they automate their process or they hand over the reins, moving to the next thing that requires their attention. Here are 9 ChatGPT prompts that entrepreneurs can use to supercharge their marketing efforts in a fraction of the time.

Supercharge your marketing: powerful ChatGPT prompts for entrepreneurs

Craft attention-grabbing ad copy

Use this prompt to get ideas for ad copy that grabs attention. Spark ideas from what’s presented and notice what you love or hate. Share a LinkedIn post that asks your audience to tell you which provoked the need to act. Fill in the square brackets with as much detail about your company as possible. The more you give context, the better the results will be.

“Generate three attention-grabbing ad copy variations that effectively communicate the unique selling points of my [describe your specific product or service], with the goal of targeting [describe your specific audience segment].”

Personalize your marketing messages

Marketing emails are a form of art. A good one should spark intrigue, grab attention, then take the reader down the page like a slippery slope, with each sentence compelling them to read the next. It should end with an obvious next step that, by now, they are primed to take. If you’re in the business of sending marketing emails, use this prompt in ChatGPT to give them a refresh.

“Compose a personalized email that addresses the recipient by name, introduces me as [your name and role], acknowledges their specific interests in [describe your topic or product], and offers a tailored solution to their [describe your audience’s specific pain point or need].”

Optimize landing pages for maximum conversions

If you’ve been keeping records, you’ll know how your homepage converts. You’ll know the success of every ad campaign based on the conversion rate of your landing pages and how many of those conversions turn into a sale. Looking at your landing page with fresh eyes is tricky. You’re so close to your brand, products and offering. You’ll likely miss things that others won’t. Use this prompt to use ChatGPT as your fresh pair of eyes, then cross reference your page with its suggestions.

“Describe the key elements and persuasive content that should be included on a landing page to ensure maximum conversions and minimize bounce rates for a [describe your product or service], targeting [describe your specific audience segment].”

Generate irresistible call-to-actions (CTAs)

If you want someone to take action, you have to make it a no brainer. They have to feel like clicking the button is the obvious next step. They have to know why they are doing it. Calls-to-action can seem brash, but they really work. That final line before someone chooses to part with their email address, money, or time, can make all the difference in closing a sale. Make sure they get in touch by using this prompt. Ask for options then road-test them out.

“Create 5 options for a compelling call-to-action that motivates website visitors to take immediate action, such as [complete with your desired outcome, for example signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, or scheduling a consultation] for your [specific product or service].”

Enhance email campaigns

The most important component of any email marketing campaign is the subject line. Open rates matter, and you want yours to be as high as possible. Inboxes are busy entities, so you have hardly any time to make an impact and secure the open. This is worth testing, again and again until you hit on a repeatable formula that makes the sales flow. Use this prompt to get ChatGPTs suggestions for your email subject lines and preview texts.

“Generate a series of personalized email subject lines and preview texts that entice recipients to open and engage with my email campaign that aims to [describe the aim of your campaign], resulting in increased open rates. The email campaign is focused on [describe your specific objective or offer] and achieves [describe the outcome your product or service creates] for clients.”

Conduct effective market research

Quiz your audience regularly to know what they want, and position yourself to deliver it. Become their favourite supplier and trusted partner by demonstrating that you care about their needs. Not only does customer research evoke feelings of trust, it gives you valuable information to use in your marketing. Understand why your audience do what they do and get inside the heads of more people just like them. Use this prompt to create survey questions and share with your customers, so multiple benefits come your way.

“Formulate a set of market research questions that will provide valuable insights into my target audience’s preferences, pain points, and purchasing behaviors for [describe your specific product or service]. Explain that the goal of the research is so we can serve them better. Ask them to include as much detail as possible.”

Refine target audience segmentation

You think you know your customer. You would confidently say you know who they are, what they’re about, and you could describe their wants and needs and challenges fairly well. But what if you’re wrong? What if you’re projecting an ideal of what you think they want, that isn’t accurate? Use this prompt to dig deeper into the characteristics of your target audience. Explain what you know so far, and let ChatGPT come up with more angles for investigation. You might hit upon a new way forward, or unlock a new approach based on a new segment.

“Develop a refined target audience segmentation strategy by identifying specific demographic, psychographic, or behavioral traits that will help tailor my marketing messages more effectively for [describe your specific product or service]. Specify the key attributes and characteristics I should aim to target.”

Generate content ideas that resonate

By now, ChatGPT has a good picture of your company, its product and service and the audience it appeals to. Take this knowledge further by asking about content. You want a list of ideas that resonate perfectly, that you can develop further within your team or explore with more ChatGPT questions to build out some campaigns. Add this prompt and see what comes out, then follow whichever angle sounds interesting to you.

“Create a list of content ideas and topics that align with the interests, challenges, and aspirations of [describe your target audience], ensuring that my content resonates and delivers value. Specify the target audience segment and the purpose of the content (educational, entertaining, promotional, etc.).”

Improve customer engagement and support

In using your product or engaging with your service, chances are your target audience members will hit the same challenges. They’ll stumble at identical hurdles, they’ll have familiar questions. When that happens, their customer support emails will be very similar. Use ChatGPT to prepare these in advance, so you don’t waste time writing them from scratch. Dig through your archives to find past queries, create responses you’re happy with, then store them for use in the future. Use this prompt to generate each response in your style.

“Create a set of responses in the style of [describe your company’s style, voice and tone] that address the customer query of [include common customer queries here], including the following in the response: [information to include]. Provide relevant information, and offer assistance to enhance customer engagement and support. Specify the key topics or types of questions my company should be prepared to handle.”

Elevate your marketing with these ChatGPT prompts

You might not need a marketing expert in every facet of the field. You might need more of an understanding of marketing yourself, and ChatGPT can help you get there. Work through these prompts, see what is generated, and use the insights to adapt and hone your activity. Task your assistant with the prompting and have them send you the results, or do it yourself before scrutinizing in depth. The more your vision is clear, the more you understand about the people your company serves, the more your marketing will relate and convert.

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